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Same Day Shipping - Free Over £50!

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    Size Guide

    The neck measurement should be taken around the lower part of your dog’s neck. Measure the widest part at the base of the neck as this is where the collar is going to sit.
    Pair the XS & Small collars with a Small lead. For Medium-Large collars pair with a Large lead.
    Collar Size Width Min Neck Max Neck
    Pupper (X-Small) 1.5cm 20cm 28cm
    Smol (Small) 2cm 28cm 38cm
    Chonk (Medium) 3cm 35cm 45cm
    Boofer (X-Large) 4cm 40cm 55cm
    XL Woofer (X-Large) 5cm 50cm 70cm

    The size chart is based on the min-max adjustment range of our collars.